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Marriage is a wonderful celebration and a holy occasion. It would be our privilege to conduct your wedding service in our beautiful building and we are also more than happy to answer any questions you have about our wedding services. At St John’s our friendly staff and volunteers are committed to making every wedding day a unique and special occasion.

We have written this page to provide you with a wealth of information to help you answer any questions you may have about getting married at St John’s. To help you to get ready for your special day make sure you read the information and take any questions you have to the preparation meetings you’ll have along the way.

You’ll find a contact form at the bottom of this page. If we can help in any way, please let us know.


We offer Saturday weddings at St John’s at the standard times of 1:30pm, 2:45pm and 4:00pm. On other days of the week, we can offer different times to suit your needs. St John’s is one of Newcastle’s busiest churches for weddings, so we recommend that you book as soon as you can. Be sure to allow plenty of notice to ensure that the date and time you want is available.

We find that most couples book their weddings around twelve months before the planned date, but we have often been able to help people plan with much less notice. If you need us to hold a date for a short time while you book reception venues, florists, or other wedding suppliers, please feel free to get in contact as we would be happy to do this for you.

Contact details

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Marriage is about so much more than a wedding, and here at St John’s we highly recommend engaged couples complete ‘Prepare Enrich, a program that enriches and strengthens relationships. It is confidential and a great way to start married life. ‘Prepare Enrich’ will highlight a couple’s strengths and weaknesses, and will also enhance communication skills. While it is not compulsory to undertake this course, we do encourage you to think about it. Couples that have recently done the course have told us how much they appreciate the opportunity to discuss things they might not have thought of that could be really important to sustain a relationship over many years. The cost is currently $70.

Cost & Payment

The fee for a wedding is currently $1050. This includes the flowers, paperwork, organist (if needed), use of church equipment, a donation towards the upkeep of the church building and the cost of ministry at St John’s. There are no additional costs and a deposit of $200 secures your booking and you can pay that deposit directly by direct credit to our church bank account. The remainder of the fee is due 6 weeks prior to the wedding.

Flowergirls at a wedding at St John's, Cooks Hill, Newcastle NSW AustraliaDocumentation

Your wedding involves a number of legal processes and some paperwork. As part of this process, we need to view your original birth certificates (if born in Australia) or a valid passport from the country of your birth (if born overseas). If you have been married before, we also need to view original documents and fill out additional forms. A wedding cannot be booked with less than one month’s notice because of these processes. We will organise those forms with you at a meeting which we usually hold approximately three to four months before your ceremony.

Sometimes people ask if they need to organise a ‘wedding licence’ or ‘marriage licence’. Australian marriage law doesn’t require anything like that, and at St John’s we are happy to organise all the required marriage paperwork for you. At a meeting with the couple a few months before your wedding, your minister will fill out and witness the signing of the official ‘Notice of Intended Marriage’ form.


We find that many people come to St John’s to get married because the building is beautiful. The wedding service is, however, a very special holy occasion, when a couple come before God to make their vows and union as husband and wife.

For this reason, we recommend that all people coming to be married here attend a minimum of three services. Why? So you can have a chance to understand what church is. Who is this God to whom you are making promises? And what does Jesus have to do with you, your marriage, and your life together? Coming to church will give us the chance to get to know each other and for you to meet other people, including others who are also preparing for marriage. Most importantly, we want you to come so we can pray for you. Marriage is important and praying for it is essential. Please check our service times and be assured that you are coming to a welcoming and friendly place.

One of the parish clergy will conduct the ceremony, but they obviously do take leave from time to time and if this is the case for your wedding we will ensure an appropriate Anglican priest is arranged to conduct the ceremony.

There are times when people have asked to have their own minister marry them – unfortunately, this is not possible, though your minister would be welcome to do one of the Readings in your service, or say the Prayers. St John’s is also not able to be ‘hired’ for a wedding done by a civil celebrant.

Wheelchair Access

There is access into the church via the chapel door entrance. If you are looking at the front door of the church, the chapel is on the left side.

Pew Decorations

Each pew-end in St John’s has a small eyelet for hanging wedding decorations down the aisle. Couples sometimes use these to hang small bunches of flowers, lace or ribbons tied into bows, wicker hearts or other small decorations.


If using confetti, please make sure that it is biodegradable and ensure that your guests don’t throw rice! Bubbles or flower petals are great alternatives to confetti. Flower girls may sprinkle petals as the bride and bridesmaids enter the church, but please organise someone to clear these up at the end of the service.


We welcome all musical tastes! You can choose to use our organist, arrange live musicians or use recorded music. Please remember St John’s is a sacred place and so the words of all music played must be suitable to be played in a place of worship.

Our organist is Helen Carter (0413 268 067). Helen would be very happy to play for your wedding and would love to meet you before your ceremony and choose some pieces with you.


You are welcome to print your own order of service, but you will need to show a final copy to the priest before you have it printed. Some couples print this booklet to provide an outline of the service and a “who’s who” in the bridal party. When you come to visit we will talk through all the options.

weddings9Bible Readings

A church wedding includes at least one piece of Scripture (Bible readings) in the service. There are lots of Bible readings to choose from and please feel free to ask for some suggestions. Often in the back of Bibles, there are lists to look through. Contact us if you would like a copy of our recommended readings. An Example of the Service

Weddings Rehearsals

We usually hold your wedding rehearsal on the Thursday night before the wedding, and we will organise the date and time for the rehearsal at your wedding planning meeting.

On the Day

The service generally takes 30-40 minutes and we often host multiple weddings on the one day, so it is really important that all weddings start on time. Brides can arrive just before the service to get ready and have photos outside, so if there is a wedding following yours, photographers will not be able to spend excessive time having group photos. It is recommended that the Groom arrives 30 minutes before the service.

Please note: The church has the right to postpone a wedding, 
without compensation, if it is in danger of affecting 
another ceremony. 

Wedding Receptions at St John’s Church Hall

The Church Hall is available for wedding receptions when booked with a package from Hot Rock Events & Catering. Hot Rock has been established for over 12 years by Michael & Melissa Carroll and has won numerous awards from the restaurant and catering association. Hot Rock have specially designed food menus and beverage packages for receptions, and can be contacted at or by telephone on (02) 49271218 or 0422 417 685.


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An Example of a Wedding Service: PDF
Wedding readings shortlist: PDF