Church Services

Christmas 2019

Sunday Church Services

9am Sunday – Traditional Communion Service

The 9am Sunday church service is a family service that enjoys a mix of age groups, and includes worship with hymns, accompanied by gifted organists playing the oldest pipe organ in Newcastle. More info…

10.45am Sunday – Contemporary Service

The 10:45am service combines tradition with contemporary worship styles and as a result is a vibrant, lively morning service. This service uses the modern liturgy of the Anglican Church and combines it with contemporary music. It aims to balance energising worship, sound biblical teaching and spiritual renewal. Members of this congregation have a developing passion for community action and outreach. More info…

5pm Sunday – Modern Informal Worship

The 5pm evening service is a more informal worship service with a strong emphasis on biblical teaching, contemporary music and congregational involvement. Families, youth and young adults fit in well to this service and make up a large part of those who gather there every week. Those who are looking for solid spiritual food to sustain them during a hectic week often come on Sunday evenings. Because of its relaxed and casual nature, the 5pm service often varies in structure. More info…

Weekday Church Services

First and Third Mondays each month – Healing services

We offer two church services for healing, mindfulness and meditation each month. Find out more about our Healing Eucharist Service and our Healing Listening Meditation Service.


Jesus gave his disciples the great commission: to go into the world and to baptise in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  All are welcome at St John’s to come for Baptism! Baptisms are either held at 12.30pm on a Sunday afternoon or during one of our Sunday services at 9 am, 10.45 am or 5 pm. We love to welcome baptisms in our services because baptism is about entering into God’s community. Our services offer large numbers of people, good music and the whole community praying for you and your child. People can also be baptised at a specific service at 12.30pm on Sundays, where the baptism is held in a welcoming, informal 20 to 30 minute service. More info…

Naming Service

Naming services, although different to baptisms, in a similar way give thanks for the child, the gift of new life and the blessing of a new member of the family. Often, those who are unsure of baptism or do not have a religious identity will choose to have a naming service. Here at St John’s we would be more than happy to provide a naming service for you and your child.


Regardless of background, everyone who seeks a funeral service at St John’s will be accepted. The practical details are usually organised through a funeral director, but we do encourage families to contact the church with any questions and issues, or for spiritual care. It is our desire that every funeral service is meaningful and meets the family’s needs. More info…

Wedding Renewals

At any time, in any place, it is always an honour and a great privilege to give thanks for marriage, to recommit to promises, and to pray and ask God’s blessing over you and your family. Just ask — we are happy to help you.

Healing Service

We believe that God is a God of healing and restoration. One of the gifts of the Holy Spirit is healing and we are always willing to organise special prayers for healing. Healing services are available for individuals, groups, or as part of a regular service. Please feel free to ask for prayer for healing. More info…

Prayer and Other Services

Prayer is very important, and we are honoured to be able to pray for you. You may contact us for prayer in person, by phone or e-mail or by placing a request in the offertory plate or in the box at the back of the church. No matter what your circumstances, we are always here to stand beside you in prayer.