Programs @ St John’s

Alpha Courses

St John’s recently reacquainted itself with the Alpha course with great success. We intend to continue to run Alpha courses at various times and in various ways to enable people to come to faith, deepen or strengthen their faith. 

Foundations of Faith

Foundations of Faith is a home grown eight-week series focusing on foundational issues of the Christian faith. Interactive in nature, it comprises a brief teaching lecture, followed by look at how a particular doctrine applies to and affects our daily Christian life. Time is provided at the end for a period of questions and answers. Topics include The Trinity and the Nature of God, Creation, Sin and the Fall, Who is Jesus, the Cross and Resurrection, Grace vs Law, The Work of the Holy Spirit, and The Church. Various theological approaches are examined, from liberal to conservative, as we look at the broad understandings found within the Christian church at large.

This series is designed for those wanting to learn more about the Christian faith, those who are eager to refresh their understanding and strengthen the foundations of their beliefs, and those who are looking to equip themselves to better answer questions others ask about Christianity. Foundations of Faith runs once or twice a year.

How Now Shall We Live

How Now Shall We Live is our second home grown short course. This is a 3 week series that focuses on practical discipleship. The 3 topics covered are Spending time with God; Spending time with others; and Serving God, Serving Others. This short course is both interactive and hands on & was first launched in 2013. We look forward to running it again in the near future.