The Lord’s Prayer (Matt 6:5-14) – Prayer wall

This idea is all about bringing prayer into the very fabric of your life. By writing down prayer points we are reminded to follow up on them. In the example below I have used headings that are helpful to me but you can use any structure (ACTS, TeaSPoon) that suits. What is important is that prayer is made part of the fabric of our lives.


  • Get a whiteboard or make one out of Paper covered in contact
  • In Permanent marker mark out four squares with the following headings (see below)

Family Prayer Wall

You’re Awesome (Praising God)



  • Over the course of the week individuals in the family write down prayer’s they may have or know of in the appropriate boxes
  • Parents, lead the charge on this one. If the kids come to you with something that can be prayed for do the normal parent thing and then have the kids put it up on the prayer wall.
  • At the end of each week the family sits down and prays through the prayer requests as a group.
  • During this time the family may also share times when prayers have been answered
  • Make sure the board is placed in a spot that is obvious and easily seen, a good place would be in the room where the family eats breakfast

Encourage family members to pray for some of these things as individuals as they eat their breakfast