Peacemaker – Weekly Peacekeeping report (Matt 5:9)

This idea is about storytelling and rewarding good actions with airtime in the family life. Too often we spend time talking to our kids when they get it wrong, this is a chance to talk to our kids when they get it right.

The aim is once a week or so the family gets together intentionally to talk about a time where they were a peacekeeper.

This may be on a personal level, i.e. someone was annoying them and despite wanting to clobber someone they didn’t, they walked away or whatever.


It might be keeping the peace between others; they broke up a fight or diffused an argument. It doesn’t matter as long as it is a peacekeeping action.

As the family sits the individual recounting the story is given the floor, they get to tell the story with the families full attention (no TV, no phones, no tablets going in the background). The reward for getting it right is to be heard.

The family then responds appropriately and it is someone else’s turn to share.

Dinner is often a good time for this, as a meal is a natural conversation environment, but that can be hard with conflicting schedules.

When ever you choose it needs to be intentional.

If you and your family are not naturally operating like this it will feel weird at first, but the pay offs are great.

This idea can be used for any topic, such as good choices, fun activities, honesty, etc.