Messy Church

Messy Church is an exciting and fun way of sharing, learning and building community. Here at St John’s we started our Messy Church journey in mid-2017 as a once-a-month event. Each event has a similar format as we explore the theme for the day.

1. Exploration time

From 5pm to 6pm we have the Exploration time in the church hall. During this hour we don’t just sit and have someone talk about the theme of the day – we explore it through activities and creativity.

So, when the theme was the story of Joseph, from the Old Testament (you may have heard of him – with his coat of many colours!) we did activities to design what we think that coat could look like. Another part of the story of Joseph was a dream about loaves of bread so, as we heard that part of the story, we made and baked small bread rolls!

This is always a lot of fun and a chance for families to be creative together as they hear part of the story that makes up the theme of the day.

2. Celebration time

At 6pm we head into our beautiful historic church to hear the story told in full. We join in the story, sing some songs, pray together as part of the celebration time in church.

3. Dinner time!

Time for supper together and we always try to put together a simple, healthy meal that we eat together. It’s a great time for families to chat and make new connections.

Messy Church Details

We usually have Messy Church on the First Sunday of each month. We don’t usually meet in January, and the February one changes depending on when kids go back to school.

If you have any questiobs, please get in touch using the Contact form on this page.